Install Fest – December 9th

If you’re new to Linux, or know someone who is, this meeting would be a great place to start. We will walk you through installing Linux on your computer, or one of ours. Get your questions answered and learn how Linux can run your world!

We will also have a couple CPLUG machines that we will attempt to build out. These are more challenging builds with specific objectives.

Our December meetings are always a bit more relaxed and unstructured. Bring a few distros to show off, and a snack to share (if you want).

As always, the meeting will be held at 6:30pm at the ITT Tech Harrisburg campus.

Monthly Meeting – November 11

Seth Jerome will fill both sessions with a talk and demo of the Raspberry Pi.

Pizza at the break is not currently sponsored. There are no book giveaways this month, sorry about that. We will have those again in December.

As always, our monthly meetings are on the second Tuesday at 6:30pm at the ITT Tech Harrisburg campus.

Monthly Meeting – August 12th

Session one: Paulo Repreza will explain a web load ballancing system.

Session two: Seth Jerome will give a talk on the ZFS filesystem/volume manager.

O’Reilly Media has begun offering free books to our group. We will discuss the new sponsorship and distribute two books: OpenStack Operations Guide, and Efficient Android Threading.

Monthly Meeting – July 8th

Ever wonder how to customize a Linux install disk, or turn a USB drive into a customized boot image? Dave Hand will be giving a demo and explanation on this very topic on Tuesday night, July 8th.

Following the pizza break, there will be a guided discussion on package management and dealing with dependencies.

Our monthly meetings are always on the second Tuesday of the month, at ITT Tech in Harrisburg at 6:30pm.

See you there!

Meeting Recap – May 2014

22 attended our monthly meeting last Tuesday. We had two very helpful talks.

First talk: “Gaining Knowledge” by Dave Hand
Speaker notes:

I’ve attached the mind map file I was working from. It can be opened with freemind (info pasted below).  It also exports an outline in html format (attached).

I’m planning on making this presentation a “living document” so that it can be re-used periodically especially for new user meetings.

Cell: (717) 673-7867 (SMS)


Attachments: Mind map files (generated with freemind)

Second talk: “VPN / Proxy” by Paulo Repreza
Speaker notes:

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, you can email me at

Attachments: SSH and Open VPN reference (PDF)

Other details
AV: nothing was recorded
Special thanks to:
ITT Tech – for hosting us, and for buying pizza for the meeting.
Christian Pearce and xforty technologies for sponsoring us in the past and paying for the Meetup site. He has stepped down in this role now, so this expense currently falls back to the group.

Next month: “Arch Walk-through” by Nathan Hare

Monthly Meeting – February

Spawned by a simple observation of the education system in 2000, driven by a passion for programming and computers, made possible by the advent of more advanced processors for mobile devices;

The Raspberry Pi.

February 11th, CPLUG takes a closer look at these fascinating devices. Join us at the ITT Tech, Harrisburg campus at 6:30.

Seth Jerome will be bringing a few of his own Raspberry Pi’s and doing a demo.