IRC Channel

Our preferred method of interaction is IRC (or Internet Relay Chat) a late 1980’s invention which is still used worldwide for real time communication. When you’re ready to connect with us, use the settings below:

  • Server:
  • Port: 6667 (not encrypted) or 6697 (encrypted)
  • Channel: #cplug

Unfamiliar with IRC clients? Behind a proxy? Or maybe you just prefer doing things the old-fashioned way? Use our web interface.

CPLUG Mailing List

If you’re a fan of email, you can easily subscribe to your preferred option in the drop down menu (Regular, Digest, or No Mail) and leave the rest up to us.

Regular subscribers may post to the list, and all postings will be delivered to the chosen address as they happen.

Digest subscribers receive a maximum of one daily email containing all the messages that were posted to the list for that day.

No Mail is for those who like subscribing to multiple addresses, but without the requisite copy of every post being sent to each account.

Unsubscribe removes you from our mailing list.

Unsure of your choice? Then we suggest you go with Regular.